Amber Joy

Core Values
Areas of Service
Queen Anne, Ballard, Magnolia, Downtown, Capitol Hill, University District, Greenlake, Greenwood, Crown Hill

Sustainability Efforts

The standard chemicals used are non-toxic and/or biodegradable (we will use other products with permission or upon request)
Regular cleaning radius is kept within 10 miles 
to keep a low carbon foot print!
Rags are used, washed and reused as often as possible to reduce paper towel usage
Biodegradable trash bag liners are used when needed
Paper grocery bags are reused as trash receptacles
Krispy Kreme icing bins are reused as caddies and trash bins


Seventh Generation
Green Earth
Simple Green
Bon Ami
Mrs. Meyers 



Organic essential oil room freshener is sprayed after each cleaning
New clients receive a complimentary mold resistant shower curtain. 

Amber has made it her mission to help you live an easier, cleaner, more joyful life. Joyfully Clean has been upgraded to using non toxic and biodegradable products. Amber uses biodegradable chemicals because she cares very much about your health and the health of our waterways. Many of the chemicals that we humans create don't break down and therefore circulate and buildup in rivers, lakes and oceans all over the world.

“...Amber is fabulous. Smart, funny, on time, detailed, and she'll text with any questions. Because I have a kid with lung issues and a sensitive husband, Amber worked out a menu of effective but fragrance-free products for our family: so my house is tres clean, but it's not a cloud of fumes. Hooray!...”

“The worst part of moving is going back to the old house and scrubbing it clean for the landlord to inspect. So in an inspired move, I hired Amber to do the post-move out deep clean. Money well-spent!! She did the job super fast and I got my full deposit back!”
All cleaning services use biodegradable cleaning products and
a smile. All supplies are provided. Currently, two different options plus two special packages are offered.
• Joyful Clean
  1. This service is good for regular upkeep cleanings, quick touch ups before or after visitors, and for your personal sanity!
  3. Includes:
  4. Empty trash and recycle containers
  5. Inside Microwave
  6. Light wipe inside refrigerator
  7. Light wipe inside stove
  8. Mirrors
  9. Wipe door handles and light switches
  10. Vacuum/Sweep all floors
  11. Mop/Wipe all floors
  12. Rotating: Dust cobwebs
  13. Rotating: Dust surfaces
  14. Rotating: Wipe baseboards/trim
  16. Basic Cleans start at just $75. Actual cost depends on many factors including the size of your home or office, whether or
    not you have pets and which areas and elements you want focused on.  
• Extreme Joy
  1. This deep clean is good for moving in or out of a home, preparation for regular cleanings, or gifts for busy friends!
  3. Includes:
  4. All Basic Cleaning elements plus
  5. Dust cobwebs
  6. Dust surfaces
  7. Wipe baseboards/trim
  8. Inside windows
  10. Deep Cleans start at $90 and increase depending on the need.
• Add-ons
  1. These services can be done on their own or added to one of the above services.
  3. Inside oven $20
  4. Inside Refrigerator and Freezer $30
• New Parents Package
  1. This service contains either the Joyful or Extreme Joy cleaning services plus a basket of fresh fruit and other goodies that give  Mommy and Daddy a few less things to worry about. This package makes a great gift for yourself
    or the new parents in your life.
  3. Price varies.
• Inside/Outside Package
  1. This service contains either the Joyful or Extreme Joy cleaning services for the inside of your house plus landscaping for the outside of your home! This package
    is great to get you charged for Spring Cleaning. Call
    for details!
  3. Price varies.
Call today for a free walkthrough and estimate! Where to Start
Call for a free over the phone consultation where I can tell you more about my services and answer all your questions.  Then we will schedule a walkthrough of your home or office so that I can give you a quote! I often recommend a deep clean before a regular rotation begins and if we are a good fit for each other...let the cleaning begin! Licensed         Bonded       Insured Currently not offered